Mourinho digs up his smaller blanket to face the challenges of the Spurs.

After 11 weeks in charge, the Tottenham manager is playing the gallery with his hard love and ruthless gestures.

José Mourinho has problems in Tottenham. You may have heard of them, but here is a summary. In the absence of Harry Kane, he has no central striker. The squad has imbalances. Son Heung-min is not a No 9 but he has had to play there. Lucas Moura is not really a central striker, but he has had to play there.

Ryan Sessegnon is not a left back, but he has had to play there. Tanguy Ndombele can’t last 90 minutes and, to put it bluntly, it’s time for him to solve it. Players are in the red zone in terms of fitness and succumb to injuries, they cannot cope with the calendar.

Mourinho used an old football proverb on Wednesday to describe the situation, one that is popular in Spain and was probably taken to the British shores by John Toshack, who managed widely in Spain and delighted to use it at any time when he was in charge of Wales. . It is the one of the smaller blanket.

“It’s like when you have to lift a blanket and you have no feet,” Mourinho said after the 3-2 victory in the FA Cup repeat at home against Southampton. “And then you cover your feet but half of your body is outside. Those are us. But [we have] an incredible spirit and that’s something I like. “

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